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Building your future

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Building your future

“Simon and the team helped me identify my financial priorities and build a plan to achieve them. We ensured that should anything happen to my wife or I, our family would be protected. We now feel much more confident about our financial position and the future ahead.”


We believe that everybody should be encouraged to think about their future.

We are aware that pensions and retirement can seem a long way off if you are in your 30s or 40s, with more pressing matters to worry about.  We understand that your mortgage and your kids’ education may be at the forefront of your mind and this is completely understandable as both can involve huge financial decisions. We can build a Financial Plan which deals with both your short-term goals and also your longer-term aims.   

We can support you through this stage of your life as you balance the demands of work and family life.  We know that it can be difficult to find the time to step back and look at the big picture.  We want to help you think about what it is you are working so hard for and to show you it can all be worth it. 

You may be thinking about what to do with the money left over each month.  You want to protect and grow the value of the money you are able to save but haven’t got the time or expertise to be confident you are doing the right thing.

We will review your existing pensions and any investments to ensure that they are doing what they should be.  You may want to discuss your workplace pension to determine whether the funds you are invested are in line with your values, attitude to risk and overall Financial Plan.  We can consider additional contributions, salary sacrifice and what to do with your bonus each year, if and when these are applicable.

We can ensure that your loved ones are protected should anything happen to you.  We will identify any risks to your family’s financial security and give you the peace of mind that whatever life throws at you, there is a plan to protect those most important to you.

We’d love to speak to you if you are building up savings and would like someone to help guide you through these busy years.

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