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Sustainable Investors

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Sustainable Investors

“I wanted to invest a sum of money in a way that was in keeping as far as possible with my core values, principally human rights and the environment. I discussed this with my adviser who listened to what I had to say and then recommended an appropriate pathway for investment which satisfied my requirements. I was given time to consider the advice on offer before I decided to invest and am grateful for the opportunity to invest sustainably while also achieving my financial goals”


We can help you align your money with your values.

We understand that for many people, it makes sense to think about the future of our planet and society when planning your family’s future.  We know that issues around climate change and the environment are increasingly at the forefront of investor’s minds and if you share those concerns, we can give you peace of mind that you are comfortable with how your money is invested.

We have seen this sector grow in popularity over recent years as the industry progressed from the traditional ‘Ethical Investing’ approach of merely omitting the ‘sin stocks,’ such as fossil fuels, tobacco and arms manufacturers.  We believe this has area now developed into ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing, which takes into account the following:

  • Environmental – how a business impacts the planet, including issues such as deforestation, plastic pollution and CO2 emissions  
  • Social – how a company interacts with wider society, from the working conditions for their employees to health and safety  
  • Governance – how a firm is run, including the taxation strategy of the company and the diversity of their Board of Directors  


It could be argued that with changing attitudes to companies that have a detrimental effect on the planet and its people, it may be beneficial to avoid investing in such firms.  While the traditional view has been that investing in line with your values would come at the expense of performance, this has been questioned in recent years.  Indeed, recent research by both MorningStar, the investment research tool, and Morgan Stanley, the investment bank, indicates that investing in ESG funds does not necessarily mean you will miss out on investment returns. 

We will respect your views and values and do our best to understand these.  We appreciate that this is an area that can evoke strong emotions so we take a pragmatic approach which we believe will satisfy most investors’ environmental concerns while also aiming for strong investment returns.

If you would like to align your pensions and investments with your values, please get in touch.

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