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What a Labour government could mean for your finances

the exterior of 10 Downing Street

In a decisive and historic victory, the Labour Party won the 2024 UK general election with a significant majority and Keir Starmer has become the UK prime minister after 14 years of Conservative government. The new chancellor, Rachel Reeves, has already pledged to “fix the foundations” of the British economy in a bid to drive […]

What the 2024 general election could mean for your finances

general election sign in front of the Palace of Westminster

2024 has been called “the year of elections” with an estimated 2 billion people around the world heading to the polls. Voters in the UK will have their say on 4 July. Now that each of the main parties has published their manifestos, here’s what the 2024 general election could mean for your finances. Conservatives […]

Could downsizing help fund your retirement?

A couple receiving keys from an estate agent.

Research suggests that retirees could boost their income by downsizing. While selling your home and moving to a smaller property could be a valuable way to fund your later years, there are some important considerations you might want to weigh up first. Read on to find out more. Over the last few decades, the value […]

What 70 years of BBC news bulletins could teach you about investment markets

A man checking the news on his smartphone.

70 years ago, the BBC broadcast its first daily television news programme. Since then, round-the-clock news has become available, and you can get the latest headlines with a few taps on your smartphone. While being connected can be positive, for investors, it can make periods of volatility and choosing an investment even more difficult. Read […]

How Norway’s “oil fund” became an ESG investment leader

Two children hiking in a forest.

The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund has become a leader in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing. Yet, the money initially came from an unlikely source – fossil fuels. Read on to find out how Norway’s “oil fund” embraces ESG issues, and how you could too.  Norway’s sovereign wealth fund holds around 1.5% of all […]

3 fantastic benefits of leaving a charitable legacy in your will

Food bank volunteers packing boxes.

According to a report from the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), in 2023, three-quarters of people in the UK supported a charity in some way. Whether you donate money, fundraise, or volunteer your time, you might want to consider how to extend your actions to create a charitable legacy in your will – and there could […]

How a financial plan could alleviate your inflation worries

A woman looking at a receipt while shopping.

The uncertainty of how the cost of living will change during your lifetime can make long-term planning difficult. After all, how can you be certain how your expenses will change in 20 years or more? If you’re worried about the effect of inflation on your security, a financial plan could provide peace of mind. Research […]

All the winners and losers from the 2024 Spring Budget

one girl looking envious at the delighted girl next to her on the sofa

With one eye on a forthcoming general election, the chancellor has announced a Budget aimed at generating long-term growth, with “more investment, more jobs, better public services and lower taxes”. While the headlines will inevitably focus on Jeremy Hunt’s cut in National Insurance contributions (NICs), many less headline-grabbing messages will affect millions of families and […]

Your Spring Budget update – the key news from the chancellor’s statement

An external image of the Palace of Westminster in the evening

The 2024/25 tax year is just a month away, and chancellor Jeremy Hunt has delivered his 2024 Spring Budget, outlining the government’s plans for the next fiscal year and beyond. With a general election looming – prime minister Rishi Sunak has said he will call it before the end of the year – the chancellor […]

A worrying 2 in 5 wealthy individuals have fallen victim to a financial scam

A woman holds her head with a phone in one hand and a bank card in the other.

A recent survey reported by Professional Adviser revealed that 2 in 5 wealthy individuals have been the victim of financial crime. Of the 2,000 people with assets worth more than £250,000 who were surveyed, 41% of them reported they had been scammed, with more than a third saying they had fallen victim in the last […]

ESG investing: What does a “net zero commitment” mean?

A person turning a dial that says “CO2”.

“Net zero” has become a buzzword in sustainability and you might hear it used when you’re reviewing investment opportunities. Read on to find out what net zero means and why it could affect your portfolio. Net zero is part of wider initiatives to reduce the impact economies and businesses have on the environment and the […]

Are you risking a pension shortfall by overlooking longevity?

Multi-generation family having dinner together.

A survey suggests that some retirees could risk running out of money during their lifetime because they haven’t considered how long their assets need to last. Failing to factor longevity into your retirement plan could mean your later years don’t live up to expectations or you may face financial insecurity. The report published in IFA […]

Retirement planning: The 3 main ways you could access your pension

A group of friends cheering with wine.

When you give up work, your pension is likely to play a key role in creating an income. So, an essential part of retirement planning is often deciding how you’ll access your retirement savings. Last month, you read about the importance of setting out your retirement lifestyle goals and how financial planning could help. Your […]

Guide: 7 allowances you might want to use before the end of the 2023/24 tax year

Clear Future Guide: 7 allowances you might want to use before the end of the 2023/24 tax year

When a new tax year starts, many allowances reset. So, checking if you could make use of allowances before Friday 5 April 2024, when the 2023/24 tax year ends, might be valuable. This guide explores some of the allowances that could help your money go further. You might discover you could reduce your Income Tax […]

Guide: 10 incredible destinations to add to your bucket list

Guide Guide: 10 incredible destinations to add to your bucket list

Seeing more of the world makes up many people’s bucket lists. Whether you want to be left in awe of natural sights, immerse yourself in a different culture, or see a historic monument, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. Read our guide to discover 10 bucket list-worthy destinations that might tempt you to […]